Goldschmitt techmobil GmbH

We can now offer you a range of products from Goldschmitt. For those of you that have not heard the name Goldschmitt before,  just check out their web site.

They have a large range of reinforced front and rear axle springs.  As well as semi air and full air suspension systems and much more.

If we do not have the Item you are looking for in stock, with a deposit we will order the Item you require from Germany.

Goldschmitt has made a name for itself primarily as a manufacturer of advanced spring systems and jack systems for motorhomes. The first aluminium rims for motorhomes were also developed and brought to the market by Goldschmitt. The company, founded in 1980  in Germany’s Odenwald region, is now Europe’s number one manufacturer of air suspension components for motorhomes and light commercial vehicles and the European market leader for high-quality hydraulic jack systems.