Webasto Air Top 2000ST 12volt Camper Kit

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Webasto Air Top 2000St 12volt diesel camper kit. A petrol version of this heater can also be supplied. This heater is supplied with a electronic control unit designed  for the camper and motorhome market. The kit is also supplied with a remote temp sensor, floor mounting plate, combustion air silencer, exhaust silencer and extra clamps, 60mm ducting, 60mm outlet grill, 60mm inlet grill, rotary controller  and extra fittings.

If this heater is to be fitted under the vehicle we have a number of mounting boxes to help protect the heater. The kit can be made into a two, or three outlet kit with parts from our site. Please request a cost before placing your order as the extra parts will be subject to extra discount. The kit is supplied with the 414500 oblong mounting plate, but you have a choice of the 41C0193 round plate at a no cost option.

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